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TMix+ Magazine

TMix+ Magazine

The Challenge

After producing the wildly successful cookbooks, In The Mix and In The Mix II, the Slattery Media Group made the bold decision to blaze a new trail into the hearts of Thermomix lovers by creating and publishing the first English language printed magazine in the world for users of the Thermomix. In addition to a hardcopy magazine, we were tasked with building and establishing a strong digital offering and social media presence.  Our aim was simple—connect the Thermomix community—a passionate group of people who love to cook with, talk about and engage with their Thermomix on a daily basis—through engaging and inspiring content, and to assist them in getting more out of their machines. 

The Process 

With significant cookbook and Thermomix experience already behind us, we were perfectly placed to produce and publish a fully-rounded magazine and website for a community that was starving for an offering of this nature.

In addition to an already impressive inhouse team led by former restaurateur, restaurant critic, author, publisher, and avowed Thermomix user, Geoff Slattery, we sought out the crème de la crème of cooks, writers, editors, food photographers, and food stylists to help us create literary, culinary and visual masterpieces—bringing our ambitious vision of publishing a premium magazine and launching a vibrant new online community of cooks to life.

For our debut issue, we created and rigorously tested over 40 unique recipes, penned engaging essays on ingredients and dishes—tracing their long history (or short), and interviewed renowned chefs and cooks—giving us access to one-of-a-kind commentary and insights into the world of commercial cooking.

Operating like a well-oiled machine, our team worked tirelessly to create a hardcopy and online offering that is diverse, considered, and, perhaps most importantly, differs from anything else available in Australia, or internationally. 

The Outcome 

TMix+ is the first magazine created for users of the Thermomix in Australia. It is a collectible product that has equal pride of place on bookshelves and kitchen benches. The magazine encapsulates the Thermomix spirit: excellent quality, inspiring, loyal, progressive and passionate.  It is complemented by tmixplus.com—a companion website that rarely sleeps

Issue 1 of the magazine, which will be published quarterly, as well as tmixplus.com, were launched in November 2015 and were met with rave reviews nationally, while issue 2 published at the beginning of March 2016 and has received praise mere days after release.